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My First KickStarter

Posted by: Amiris J. Brown on: April 23, 2012

My birth month this year is steadily producing pleasant surprises for me, which is more than welcomed considering the setbacks I’ve been facing as of late. I have plenty to update people about regarding the current art series I’ve committed myself to, but have been swamped as of late. From creating a WePay campaign to signing up with KickStarter for the first time, the effort in gaining funding is a lot of work. Then there’s the ongoing research used to guide my visual language, my personal struggles with backlash, and my actual student life. Plus keeping up with all the new developments about the case that the art series sprung from, which means I need to write a follow-up blog post soon. Eventually, the next art piece in this series will ideally come together prior to the final exam week here at Appalachian State University (ASU). My number one problem is funding, and with not much time to get it.

Most of all I need funding for my project since I’m basically a broke student. So I set up a WePay campaign. I thought it would be as easy as when I had fundraised to do volunteer work with the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Comfort Working Group in New York City, or when I went to Occupy Asheville as a citizen journalist to cover their eviction live. Maybe it was because I had more time to advertise for those past efforts, but it seems Women’s issues are much more difficult to get financial support for right now. I notice this mostly through my WePay campaign efforts, especially after having an opportunity to grace the homepage of The Art of Dismantling along with being interviewed.

In anticipation of troublesome roadblocks as a newbie to KickStarter, I attempted to get a head start through my WePay account instead. After almost an entire month of frustration KickStarter approved my entry. KickStarter is useful since they supplement somewhat for my lack of talent in self-promotion. Just looking at the results from my WePay campaign, anyone can tell I’m a lost cause at gaining financial support. Ironically my design services in the past have benefited clients, but I guess that’s because it’s natural for me to promote others than it is for me to sell myself. Unless you’re in the area and can donate the actual materials need (like some paint), I hope you make a pledge towards funding my project. There are plenty of rewards offered to each donor level. If anything, at least spread my KickStarter efforts by sharing my KickStarter video. Thanks!


Screenshot of my KickStarter project

A screenshot of my KickStarter Project. Click this image link to view my video.


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